Submissions – Scripts

We are always looking for new talent and welcome submissions from scriptwriters of all backgrounds.

If you wish to be considered for representation please visit the agents’ individual pages on our website and make a considered approach to one specific agent based on their profile and personal guidelines. Contact details can be found on each agent’s page.


Please send the following documents to your chosen agent, in electronic form only: 

If you are a credited writer:

  • A cover email explaining why you are seeking representation.
  • Your writing CV.
  • If you have a recommendation from another DHA client or producer, please also include this with your application.

If you are an un-credited writer:

  • A brief (no more than half a page) personal statement that tells us about your experience of writing to date (this could be success in competitions, courses, other work in the industry or writing achievements in a different medium ) and a bit about your aspirations as a writer.
  • A synopsis of the script you wish to submit and whether it is for film, television or stage.
  • If you have a recommendation from another DHA client, a course leader or producer, please also include this with your application.

Your chosen agent will review these materials and get in touch with you if they would like to read a sample of your work.

We receive a large volume of applications and must give priority to the writers we already represent.  We will endeavour to get back to you within 4 weeks of your initial approach, but please assume we cannot offer you representation if you have not heard back from us within that time.


We ask that you do not contact more than one agent or call reception about submissions, as they will not be able to assist and will only redirect you to this page.


Advice for new writers: find our resource guide here for new screenwriters and playwrights.