We are always looking for talented authors, and welcome submissions from new writers. We have no preconceptions about the types of authors we wish to represent, or the range of books that might interest us. Please refer to the guidelines below to see how best to submit your work to us, and also our top tips for a successful submission.


Our Agents

You can find a list of our book agents here. Each of our agents has different interests and areas of expertise. You can find out more about each of them by clicking on to their profiles.

To give your submission the greatest possible chance of being read by the right agent, please address your submission to the agent who you feel is the best fit for your work. Please do not submit to more than one agent at the agency.

If you are unsure which agent to submit to, please send your submission to the ‘Adult Submissions Department’. Your work will be read by one of our agents. There is no disadvantage in doing this as we will always pass work between us if we read a good book which we think is better suited to a colleague’s list.


Adult Fiction

Most of our agents are happy to accept email submissions, although some prefer to read on paper. Please refer to the agents’ profile pages for their submission preferences.

All adult fiction submissions should include:

  • The first three chapters of your book
  • A one- to two-page synopsis
  • A covering letter

If you are submitting to us by post, please send your submission to our offices:

David Higham Associates, 6th Floor, Waverley House, 7–12 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GQ

We ask that physical submissions are double-spaced and with numbered pages. Please also include a stamped addressed envelope so that we may respond and return your material to you. Please note that we can only return your material with a response if postage has been included.



If the book you are submitting is non-fiction, please include:

  • A proposal for the book, including an overview of its themes and story and your sources
  • Some sample text or chapters if you have them
  • Information about your credentials for writing the book
  • A covering letter

All other guidelines for submitting a non-fiction work are the same as for adult fiction.


International Submissions

If you are submitting from outside the UK, you can submit via email to the specific agent you would like your manuscript to be read by. If you’re not sure which agent would be right for your work, please send your submission to and it will be directed to an appropriate agent.


We aim to respond to all submissions within twelve weeks, though please be advised this may not be possible at busy times of the year. During that time do please let us know if another agent has requested your complete manuscript or offered you representation. Please note that unless we feel we may be able to offer you help or representation, a form rejection letter or email will be sent. This time-saving measure was introduced to allow more time for proper reading and consideration of all submissions.

We’d love to hear from you and look forward to reading your work.