If you wish to quote from our clients’ work you must apply for formal permission to do so. You will need to supply us with full details of the extract you wish to use, including the number of words, the title of the volume in which it originally appeared and the name of the original publisher, as well as information about your own publication, including the title, publisher, price, size of print run and territory in which it will be published.

You may apply via email by completing the form on this site or, if you prefer, by posting or faxing your request to us.

We respond to permission requests as quickly as we can but the volume of requests we receive is such that we may not be able to give you an immediate response. If you have a deadline to meet, you should therefore make sure you apply in good time. Please be aware permission requests can take up to a month to be answered.

If we do not handle the quotation rights in the extract you wish to use, we will do our best to let you know who the copyright-holder is as soon as possible.

The fees we charge for the use of our clients’ work are based on a standard scale approved by the Society of Authors. The level of fee will vary depending on a number of factors, including the length of the piece, the territory in which you wish to publish and the size of your print run. Payment should be made on publication of the work in which the quotation appears.

Amateur Stage/Reading Rights

If you wish to license the amateur stage rights to a client’s work or give a reading you will need to send us your request in writing and include the following information:

  • Author and title of work
  • Number and dates of performances
  • Venue(s) and seating capacity
  • Ticket price
  • Full contact details

NB: Please do not assume that the rights will be available for licensing.

Interview Requests

If you wish to interview one of our clients or to invite them to participate in a television or radio programme, you will need to send us your request in writing and include all the relevant details including the fee you are proposing.


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