Rebekah Bowsher

Based in the North East, Rebekah is a playwright, dramaturg, director, screenwriter, disability consultant and actor who’s plays have been performed at venues including the Hampstead Theatre and Newcastle’s Live Theatre.

Rebekah loves writing commercial, elevated and grounded drama with relationships at the heart but is also an active voice in telling stories around female experiences, disability and mental health, offering a unique and authentic perspective. In her own words:“I want femmes/women who feel like they don’t deserve to take up space and writers who feel like they can’t ask the questions they need to have a place to find answers.”

She has been selected for a wealth of high profile schemes (see her CV) and sits on the board of Unfolding Theatre, providing creative and access advice. She is currently a director in residence at Newcastle’s Live Theatre and Northern Stage.

In 2018 Rebekah received the Live Lab Bursary to develop her raw and incredibly emotive play, Spoon Theory, about a woman coming to terms with her new life, following an amputation, which was selected for performance at the Elevator Festival. She was also a recipient of the North East Artist Development Network Bursary in 2018/19 to develop her newest work Running Through Wheatfields, an imagined look at Theresa May’s life, which speculates on the issues surrounding being a high profile woman in politics.

In 2021 her duologue Flowers for the Chateaux was performed as part of Crips without Constraints for Graeae Theatre and starred Julie Graham and Naomi Werthner.