Paul Rose

Paul is one of the UK’s leading writers of children’s TV and co-creator of 4 O’Clock Club, Dani’s House, Dani’s Castle and Almost Never for CBBC.

He has also written extensively for adults – including Sky One’s Stella, and EastEnders. He has a number of projects in development across film and television, for both adults and children. Previously, he has written sitcom pilots starring the likes of Dylan Moran, Maxine Peake, Mark Heap, Marc Wootton and Ingrid Oliver.

He has twice been nominated for a BAFTA – once for My Parents Are Aliens, and again for The 4 O’Clock Club – and won a Sony Radio Academy Award for his work on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show. In 2015, The 4 O’Clock Club won Best Children’s Fiction prize at the RTS Awards. Paul has also been nominated for best writer in the Children’s BAFTAs 2017 for his work on 4 O’Clock Club.

In a previous life, Paul was one of the UK’s top video games journalists, editing the legendary teletext video games magazine Digitiser, and writing a monthly column in Edge magazine.