Michael Maynard

Michael won the first BAFTA Focus On Talent scriptwriting competition with his original crime drama script “Honour Amongst Thieves”. He went on to win the UK Film’s Council’s 25 Words or Less competition for his ‘teen’ movie script, “Freestyle.”  The latter, backed by the UK Film Council’s, New Cinema Fund, BBC Films and Film London was released in 2010 and distributed in the UK by Revolver and worldwide by High Point. Michael has also written for the television series, “Doctors” and is his first novel “Games Men Play,” was published by X-Press. His first radio drama script, “Shades of Black” was broadcast in Radio Four’s Saturday Afternoon Play slot in 2000. As an avid sports fan and sports documentary maker, Michael derives a lot of his inspiration for writing from the cultural impact sport can have on individuals and society. He also enjoys writing within the crime genre and stories set within Britain’s ethnic communities.