Carl Rice

Carl is a hugely creative and commercially focused writer of comedy and drama for TV and the Stage with an innate sense of character and dialogue (probably borne from his successful acting career), a genuinely unique voice, and a lot to say, with a particular interest in understanding and sharing the lives of the disadvantaged and disaffected through accessible characters and storytelling.

He has had multiple solo projects in commissioned development with the BBC as well as in collaboration/association with wide range of exceptional creatives, from John Plowman to Adam Gillen to Jane Horrocks.

Recent projects include UNDERDOG, co written for television with Joel Fry and previously under option to What Larks! and LIGHTS; a personal and heavily researched drama with heart about the homeless community in a small Northern Town.

As well as developing on multiple original scripts, Carl is also writing his first novel and is represented by Hatton McEwan Penford for his acting –