Andy Potter

Andy is the extremely funny, BAFTA winning writer and creator of a number of critically acclaimed children’s  programmes including Class Dismissed (CBBC), which was also the only children’s programme to be nominated for a Comedy award at the 2016 RTS Awards. As well as developing new projects for children of all ages as part of the BBC’s in-house development team, he has also written for sketch shows, game shows and live events; always pushing comedy boundaries, while being aware of creative and commercial restrictions. In 2017 Andy left the comfort of the BBC to embrace new challenges as a freelancer and is excited to be exploring a range of new writing opportunities. He always has at least one project under option and is keen to explore more writer for hire opportunities. His original Five Little Lies I Wish I’d Never Told is currently under option to Bryncoed, he is joke passing a series for Nickelodeon and working on various original ideas including a live stage show, and children’s sketch show.