Graham Greene’s A Burnt-Out Case starts on Sunday 19 November at 3pm on BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 will air a new dramatization of Graham Greene’s A Burnt-Out Case, adapted by DHA client, Nick Warburton starting this Sunday 19 November at 3pm.  


Querry, a celebrated architect of churches believes himself burnt out: unable to feel anything for his profession, his faith or even the suicide of his mistress. He journeys to a remote leprosy in Africa: there, he hopes to live in obscurity, unconcerned with the fate of others and to die, but it seems that he may have a
second chance to find both happiness and redemption.

The story reflects many of Greene’s own personal struggles with his celebrity as a famous ‘Catholic’ author and his own doubts about his faith.


Part 2 will air at 3pm on Sunday 26 November.