Penelope Killick

I studied film and modern literature at Goldsmiths University and went on to work in publishing before joining the Film, TV and Theatre department at David Higham. I represent a list of talented scriptwriters and work closely with authors on the book to film/TV side. I continue to build a list and welcome submissions from writers of film and TV, as well as playwrights who want to write for screen as well as stage.

I love collaborating creatively with clients and am looking for hard-working writers with bold, authentic voices and something unique to say – whether that be through the form or the perspective of their writing. I believe absolutely in the power of story and that good drama is timeless.

My taste is quite broad but without fail it is the characters that reel me in.

Recent shows I’ve enjoyed include TIME, TOP BOY, THE WHITE LOTUS and CATASTROPHE. ‘Classic’ shows I’ll always revisit include THE AMERICANS, DEADWOOD, MAD MEN, BOJACK HORSEMAN and GENERATION KILL.

On the film side, I admire the work of Paul Thomas Andersen, Debra Granik, Steve McQueen, Kenneth Lonergan and Barry Jenkins, and films I’ve particularly enjoyed in recent years include ANTOHER ROUND, THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, THE FATHER and LEAVE NO TRACE.

On the book to film/TV side, I work closely with a list of fantastic authors across different genres, including Belinda Bauer, Lauren Bravo, Eve Chase, Jessica George, Marlowe Granados, Gavanndra Hodge, Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris, Kei Miller, Jane Sanderson, Merlin Sheldrake and Sarah Vaughan.


Penelope is currently unable to accept new submissions.

Clients include