Clare Israel

Clare joined David Higham in 2016 with a background in Brand Management for television programmes managing commercial rights, creative product development, stage show adaptations, TV tie-in publishing and marketing, among other things. At David Higham she is building a list of scriptwriters as well as representing Film, TV and Stage rights for a number of David Higham authors.

On the scriptwriting side she’s looking to work with creative and hungry writers who have a strong sense of what they want to say and where they fit commercially in the landscape. She has a particular interest in contemporary feeling dramas that resonate with a social, political or cultural angle.

Clare’s advice for new writers

You may well have a brilliant script but competition is fierce and, as you are probably finding if you are reading this, it is very difficult to get work as a scriptwriter or secure an agent without having advanced your writing career independently. This could be through competitions or by building relationships with industry professionals in production and development who can provide you with a recommendation. I would therefore encourage you to make headway independently before contacting an agent.

Clients include