David Higham Associates
6th Floor, Waverley House
7–12 Noel Street
London W1F 8GQ


Please note: many of us are still working remotely at the moment, but the Reception switchboard is now staffed again during working hours.

Please see here for details of our current policy on visitors to Waverley House.


Phone: 020 7434 5900

Email: dha@davidhigham.co.uk




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General enquiries

Email: dha@davidhigham.co.uk


Email: accounts@davidhigham.co.uk


Web: permissions
Email: permissions@davidhigham.co.uk


Web: submissions
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Serial and radio rights

Email: dha@davidhigham.co.uk

Translation rights – Adult

Email: samnorman@davidhigham.co.uk

Translation rights – Children’s

Email: childrenstranslation@davidhigham.co.uk

All other rights enquiries

Email: dha@davidhigham.co.uk