Zenith is the incredible story of three teenages with the will to make their own new beginnings in the harshest of worlds. It continues the stunning journey begun in the Whitbread-shortlisted Exodus.

The old world drowned as the waters rose – but the sky city of New Mungo was no refuge for Mara and her islanders. Now Mara is at sea again with a ship full of refugees.

Gypsea-boy Tuck has only ever lived by his wits in the barges and boats of Pomperoy. Then a great white ship brings catastrophe in its wake, and his city sails north in vengeance.

In the ruins beneath the towers of New Mungo, Fox has become a traitor to his world. With Mara beside him, he could challenge the cruel and corrupt ruling forces. But now she is an ocean away, and he must plot a lonely revolution…