Stone Cold Trouble

Still trying to keep his head down and stay out of trouble, ex-con Zaq Khan reluctantly agrees to help his best friend, Jags, recover a family heirloom now in the possession of a wealthy businessman.

Then Zaq’s brother is viciously assaulted and he’s left wondering if it could have been somebody from Zaq’s own past looking for revenge. Wanting answers and retribution, Zaq and Jags set out to track down those responsible. Meanwhile, their dealings with the businessman take a turn for the worse and Zaq and Jags find themselves suspected of murder.

It’ll take both brains and brawn to get themselves out of the trouble they’re in and, no matter what happens, the result will likely be deadly. The only question is, whether it will prove deadly for them – or someone else?

BROTHERS IN BLOOD was Zaq and Jags’s critically acclaimed first outing, and this follow up is brimming with Amer Anwar’s energy, wit and a rollercoaster adventure.