To people in the Suffolk village of Finch, Randall Jowett is a quietly spoken stranger renting a holiday cottage; to Joyce Hetherington he becomes a lover, so much younger but offering a happiness he had never expected to enjoy. She cannot know that beneath their passion lies a terrible secret that can only end in tragedy.
For Finch is still haunted by the Godwin murders six years earlier, when three adults and two chil-dren were methodically slaughtered during a robbery at Tannerslade Farm. The killers had never been caught. Why should anyone have suspected two Cambridge students, from respectable homes and unconnected to the village, who had twisted their considerable intelligence to planning and committing the perfect crime?

But no amount of intelligence can overcome the corrosive effects of guilt…

Tense, skilfully plotted and perceptively characterized, VICTIMS is another deeply human story of psychological suspense from the award-winning author of THE HAND OF STRANGE CHILDREN and SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.