Troublesome Angels and the Red Island Pirates

Blanco and Eva are on the long, dangerous journey back to Venice from Spain when they are marooned on an island by a bunch of prickly pirates. Not only is the place inhabited by some very strange nuns, they soon discover that Count Maleficio is in residence there too, deep in a cave underneath a church. It doesn’t take Blanco and Eva long to find out that the count wants to murder Blanco. And, irritating though she often finds him, Eva doesn’t really want to see that happen.

What she doesn’t know, though, is that Maleficio thinks that she is the key to a very big secret, one that will leave him and his accomplice in Venice very powerful indeed. As the count concentrates on kidnapping Eva, perfecting the first gunpowder ever and putting his dastardly plans into action, Blanco’s torn between escaping himself and rescuing her.

And as for the angels, they’re so busy arguing about the rights and wrongs of interfering in the lives of humans, they may be too late to help either of them… A rollicking ride through medieval Europe with cannons, cutlasses and a bunch of big, scary buccaneers!.