The Thing at Black Hole Lake (Sticky Pines #2)

Things are about to get FREAKY in the sleepy American town of Sticky Pines!

The twists, chills and laughs multiply in The Thing at Black Hole Lake, the electric second instalment in the cult sci-fi series for children.

Holy. Flippin. Crudballs! Milo Fisher has found something lurking in Black Hole Lake. Something big. It’s the kind of monstrous discovery that would make his ex-friend Lucy Sladan’s mind explode like confetti, if he was still speaking to her, which he isn’t.

But Lucy won’t be kept in the dark: she’s on to Milo, following her own clues, and closing in on an even greater secret.

Perfect for the younger siblings of Stranger Things fans, Sticky Pines offers laugh-out-loud, hair-raising sci-fi and mysteries aplenty. Are YOU ready to learn the TRUTH? Life on Earth may not be as simple as it seems…