The Story of Tracy Beaker

Shortlisted for the Smarties Prize in 1991, Tracy Beaker’s story, which is told in the first person by the infuriating and loveable 10-year-old Tracy, is a wonderfully funny and thought- provoking slice of life in a children’s home. Tracy, as she herself tells us, has had a hard time. She’s been fostered a number of times but it’s never worked out. Now she dreams of her glamorous mother coming to fetch her and spends her time, when she’s not quarrelling with the other children, writing her life story.

And then one day, Cam, a real writer, visits the home and after a rocky start, she and Tracy really hit it off. This highly accomplished, prolific, prizewinning author is outstandingly successful in dealing with painful social and personal problems in a realistic, funny, touching and highly memorable way.