The Same Earth

When she was 18, Imelda’s parents decided she should join the throngs of Caribbean people landing on England’s shores. But her relative fails to meet her off the plane and she is forced to fend for herself, until she is taken in by Purletta Johnson, a member of the ex-pat bourgeoisie – now more Jamaican than any Jamaican.

When her mother dies Imedla returns to her home village of Watersgate, choosing Jamaica over England. 1983 Watersgate is stuck in time; rather than embracing the music revolution represented the likes of Shabba Ranks, it is dominated by the Evangelical church and the thundering voice of Pastor Braithwaite.

When Tessa Walcott’s panties are stolen she and Imelda decide to set up a Neighbourhood Watch. But they haven’t counted on Pastor Braithwaite who denounces them in Church (if God can look after the sparrows then he can certainly look after a washerwoman’s panties). Imelda finds herself caught in a battle that symbolises everything about the divided village…