The Quigleys

In an ordinary city, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary house, live an ordinary family called…. THE QUIGLEYS.

Each member of the family has their own tale to tell, whether it’s Dad trying to watch the football in peace and losing next door’s baby in the process, Will experiencing the difficulty of being good as Christmas approaches, Lucy wanting desperately to be a bridesmaid but only if she can be dressed as a bee, or the kids coming to the rescue when Mum’s birthday trip to the ballet falls through.

As with all families, occasionally things do work out in the end: Lucy finds the baby, Will realises that budgies make better Christmas presents than eagles, despite all opposition the bee costume turns out to be a triumph and Mum gets a birthday treat to remember.

The quirky escapades of the Quigleys will appeal to all.

“Wonderful snapshots of the chaos and joys of family life” – Guardian

“Huge fun … shows that even families who drive each other bonkers love each other.” – Sunday Times