The Moon Riders

This fantastic read follows the fate of the Amazon tribe as seen through the eyes of the young girl Myrina. Trojan princess Cassandra joins the Moon Riders and unexpected events draw them into the bloody siege of Troy. The legend of Troy and the mythical Amazon women are brought into startling focus, as Theresa Tomlinson paints the epic tale of triumph and tragedy with a human touch.

‘At last they emerged from the rising dust. A great party of strong-armed young women, all on horseback, their eyes and body pictures gleaming in the torchlight.’ When young Myrina becomes one of the warrior priestesses known as the Moon Riders, she is well prepared to perform their sacred dances, hunt and fight when necessary. But when the visionary Trojan princess, Cassandra, joins them, events take a tragic turn.

Myrina becomes her confidante, and the Moon Riders are drawn into the drama of the siege of Troy. Mysterious tales surround the exotic but little-known Amazon women. Who were they? How did they really live? Based on careful research, Theresa Tomlinson paints a fresh, intriguing background to an ancient and gripping story, combining her own drama with existing myths.