The Late Scholar

A new murder mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey – now a Duke – and his wife Harriet Vane, set in an Oxford college in the 1950s.

Peter Wimsey is pleased to discover that along with a Dukedom he has inherited the duties of ‘visitor’ at an Oxford college.When the fellows appeal to him to resolve a dispute, he and Harriet set off happily to spend some time in Oxford.

But the dispute turns out to be embittered. The voting is evenly balanced between two passionate parties – evenly balanced, that is, until several of the fellows unexpectedly die.The Warden has a casting vote, but the Warden has disappeared.

And the causes of death of the deceased fellows bear an uncanny resemblance to the murder methods in Peter’s past cases – methods that Harriet has used in her published novels.

The Late Scholar is shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association best historical novel of the year.