The Hungover Cookbook

While most of us are familiar with the general misery of the hangover, less well known are the nuances of the hungover state. According to P. G. Wodehouse’s 1949 novel The Mating Season, there are six different types of hangover: The Broken Compass, The Sewing Machine, The Comet, The Atomic, The Cement Mixer and The Gremlin Boogie. Each of these has very different and specific characteristics.

The Hungover Cookbook is a self-help manual. The morning-after drinker can use it to identify the specific hangover they have and tailor the treatment accordingly, with recipes and remedies that precisely suit each invalid’s state of mind, all wittily and eruditely dispensed by Milton Crawford.

This beautifully produced book does not promise the reader ‘a cure’ but it does offer some fun, and some good food, on the road to recovery. For those of a ginger disposition, it provides a soothing experience, not just a list of ingredients, and transforms dealing with a hangover into a subtle, multi-faceted art rather than merely chucking a ‘full English’ at it!

The Hungover Cookbook has secured rights deals in America, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. It has been widely reviewed and commented upon internationally, from the New Yorker blog to the New Zealand Herald. The LA Weekly described it as ‘literary food porn for the hungover soul’.

‘Not only is it full of fab recipes, it’ll make you laugh too – no matter how terrible you’re feeling’ Cosmopolitan

‘The genius of this book lies not only in its range of great recipes, but in its comic tone … buy it and you should improve the quality of many hungover mornings to come’ Bibendum Times