The Daisy Chain

When Max and Susie were young and in love, Susie thought it would last forever.

Max was artistic, passionate and intense. He wasn’t ready to settle down and because he couldn’t offer her the future she thought she wanted, they went their separate ways.

So Susie married Max’s best friend, Stephen. Dependable, hard-working and kind, Stephen had a bright future and a steady heart. She loved him but did she ever stop loving Max?

As she and Stephen grow apart with the passing of the years, she consoles herself with the thought that she has an escape route in the form of a valuable diamond necklace of daisies given to her by her godmother which she knows she could sell if she ever needed to.

When the necklace is stolen and Susie discovers that Stephen has been keeping a secret from her for years, she has to decide whether to stay in a loveless marriage or risk everything to find happiness with her first love.

“The perfect beach read” – Woman and Home

“Alexandra Campbell has a gift for conveying complicated and contrary emotions.” – Sunday Times