The Curse of the Ravens

The fantastic sequel to The Curse of the Toads.

It is the late 17th century. A time when medicine is barely understood and superstitions and the fear of curses and witchcraft run rife.

Reuben’s own herbalist grandmother has been hung on suspicion of witchcraft, but he hopes to use all that she has taught him and become a physician himself. Luckily he has escaped the clutches of the evil charlatan Flyte and is living with his kindly cousin, Doctor Brittlebank, and with his delightfully bouncy and loyal spaniel Glory Be.

Reuben’s peaceful new life is shattered when he and the Doctor have to visit the eccentric Lord Marley and his spookily withdrawn wife Lady Marley. Reuben and Glory stumble across a dark secret: something is hidden in the ruined chapel. Something so shocking it threatens to shame the Marley Estate. Why is there always a raven crowing close by? And could Flyte possibly be involved?