Terror on Tuesday

Feisty Lois, part cleaner, part amateur sleuth, is once more involved in solving murder – and this time, not one but two murders most mysterious.

Once more her job is tailor-made for snooping, taking her into the houses and secrets of possible suspects. Lois has now moved to the village of Long Farnden (familiar to readers of Murder on Monday), and is setting up her own cleaning business, New Brooms, with a staff of four and a growing list of clients.

Lois’s love/hate relationship with Detective Inspector Hunter Cowgill is renewed when she comes upon a weird demise with theatrical connections. She can hardly refuse to help Cowgill, and is drawn in, not entirely unwillingly. In the end… well, it’s worth waiting for! Suffice to say that there is terror, addiction, perversion and sadness. Just like life, really.