Sisters of Treason

SISTERS OF TREASON, a heartrending Tudor tale of love, politics and tragedy, is the second novel in Elizabeth Fremantle’s Tudor trilogy. Beginning early in Mary Tudor’s turbulent reign SISTERS OF TREASON explores the lives of Lady Jane Grey’s two younger sisters, a pair of girls dangerously close to the throne at a time when the succession was by no means stable and living in the shadow of their sister’s tragic execution.

Lady Catherine, who many believe is the true successor to Elizabeth, becomes the focus of plots to thwart Mary Stuart’s claim on England’s throne. She is a young woman driven by a compulsive and ultimately fatal desire to love and be loved, whereas clever Lady Mary is burdened with a crooked spine and a tiny stature in an age when physical perfection equates to goodness and vice versa – and both girls have inherited the Tudor blood that is more curse than  blessing. It is court painter Levina Teerlinc who helps the girls survive Mary’s reign, but when the Queen’s sister, the hot-headed Elizabeth, inherits the crown, the world at court becomes increasingly treacherous for the Grey girls.

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“Fremantle manages to combine pacey storytelling with superb background…It’s terrifically entertaining.” – Saturday Review, The Times

“A great read. Sisters of Treason totally transports the reader to the Tudor court, with all its tensions and games.” – Katherine Webb

‘An enthralling story of love and tyranny, Sisters of Treason brings the Tudor Courts to life again, in all their romance and horror.’ – Leanda de Lisle (author of Tudor: The Family Story)

‘Passionate, compassionate, intricate, sharp, clever and utterly compelling.’ – MC Scott (author of Rome: The Art of War)

‘Fremantle gives meticulous attention to the emotional atmosphere and complexity of the relationships between women, while making it a thoroughly good read.’  – Livi Michael (author of Succession)

“Tudor fiction fans will enjoy Fremantle’s fresh take, marked by solid writing and absorbing detail, on a rather well-told tale.” – Library Journal

“inventive, finely detailed” – Kirkus Reviews

Online Reviews

“I definitely recommend this novel to historical fiction lovers, especially those who love anything to do with the Tudors! I give this novel a FIVE out of FIVE stars!” – Historical Fiction Obsession

“Well written, easy to read and understand and I breezed through it. A good look at day-to-day life of the Grey sisters as they are caught up in the life of the court, sex, scandal, religion and opulence. We get a taste of it all.” – Patty’s Paperbacks, 4.5 star review

“If you love historic royal fiction (with a dash of romance) you’ll want to pick up Elizabeth Fremantle’s  SISTERS OF TREASON, about two sisters reeling after the execution of their teenage sister, having been on the throne for just days.” – Pop Sugar, July Book Club

“Tudor England continues to fascinate readers and Ms. Fremantle offers a fresh take on the era.” – Luxury Reading

“This title doesn’t disappoint. As allegiances switch and the specter of death and treason hangs over Catherine and Mary Grey’s heads, Fremantle breathes life into the characters and turns them from cameo characters to heroines in their own right.” – The Book Blog