Singing It

Life’s not easy when your name is Flower Power. It’s no great surprise that Flower’s dippy, hippy parents, who used to run a flower shop, would call their daughter a crazy name. But it doesn’t help that since the shop went under, Flower is forced to move every few months and be introduced to a new class each time… Or that her mum and dad are so wrapped up in each other they leave her to her own lonely devices.

What they fail to notice is that Flower has a wonderful voice and just loves to sing. They simply ask her to keep the noise down.

Settling into yet another new town and a new school, Flower begins a rollercoaster friendship with her classmate Cat, who tends to be more captivated by the boys in the year above. She also befriends Mick, an elderly flower-seller, who introduces her to the sounds of Billie Holliday and Janis Joplin, and who believes that Flower can find her own ‘soul’. However, it takes support both musical and moral from a rather unlikely source for Flower to have the courage to really sing her heart out – in public.

Singing It is a touching portrayal of friendship, fitting in, and the transformative power of music.