Dont Go to Sleep in the Dark

Celia Fremlin’s seven suspense novels have all been most enthusiastically received.  Many of the stories describe the sort of situation she writes about so brilliantly in her novels, the terror being partly of the mind, and the horror having overtones of the supernatural.  Almost all the stories concern women and reflect the doom-filled atmosphere she is so successful in creating.  And somehow none of these stories work out in the way one expects – in every case the denouement shows Miss Fremlin’s deep insight into human character.

It is the transmutation of events that could happen to anyone, into suspense writing of a high order, that is the secret of Celia Fremlin’s success.  And in the short-story genre she continues to display these very qualities for which her novels have been admired.


‘An outstanding collection…all are well-written and all are possible and none should be read when alone in a dark house.’ Savannah Morning News

‘These 13 stories…take you on a roller coaster ride of successive, suspenseful pulls at your nerve endings. This is a fine collection to introduce a newcomer to Miss Fremlin’s thoroughly professional craftsmanship.’ Buffalo

‘Here are thirteen harrowing tales by the indisputable mistress of horror…[Fremlin] has a gift for giving an already macabre story a final sinister twist and for building up an unbearably chilling suspense.’ Chattanooga Times