A Lovely Day To Die & Other Stories


Here are a baker’s dozen of gripping short stories by a master of surprise and suspense. Tales of family frustrations and fury: of a young wife who wants to be rid of her husband, of an elderly daughter who cannot endure her mother.  Tales of murder, blackmail, rape, fatal accident, mercy killing, suicide.  Tales of the supernatural too.
The setting may be an elegant dinner party, a children’s sports day, a Scandinavian cruise, a nostalgic seaside holiday: even a flying saucer in a suburban garden.  The stories can take astonishing turns: an old lady lures sex offenders to their deaths; a crippled child walks on water; housebreakers take a hand in a suicide attempt; people are ingeniously framed.  And the biter is liable to be bitten, the would-be murderer may end up dead, the widow who kills and robs her travelling companion faces a charge she certainly didn’t expect.  There are even crimes committed in dreams (which may turn out not to be dreams).


‘Far from a cosy read, but models of how the coldly clinical crime-short story should be done.’ The Irish Times

‘Had me captivated.’ Woman’s Own

‘Wonderfully written, subtle and disturbing.’ The Times

‘An excellent book for dipping! Begin at random anywhere among this baker’s dozen of creepy tales and you won’t be able to leave it till you’ve discovered what happens…Although using such a small canvas she manages to paint highly credible characters who draw sympathy – or distrust – as much as any from a full-length novel.’ Huddersfield Daily Examiner

‘Firmly and elegantly written.’ Oxford Times

‘Written with such perception and elegance that they repay many readings.’ Glasgow Herald

‘A superb collection of short stories…Keeps you wanting more; lovely twists and turns in each and every one…A first rate writer with enormous range and versatility.’ Book News