Sandstorm is a fast-paced, atmospheric thriller, set in the deserts of North Africa.

George Bridger Sterling’s son hasn’t been seen for seven years but Sterling persists in believing that Billy is still alive. Then a mysterious stranger contacts him, claiming to be the co-pilot of a plane in which Billy was travelling and which crashed somewhere in the desert, and to have information that could lead to Billy – for a price. Within hours, the man is dead. But the new hope he has provided is enough.

Travelling to a vast, dangerous desert, accompanied only by a man he barely knows, let alone trusts, Sterling must retrace the vague footsteps left nearly a decade before. But why was the plane anywhere near the Western Sahara? And why are they not the only people interested in what was on board?

The description of desert life is powerful and lyrical, and the action is fast and furious. Visually brilliant, with a wonderful range of characters from tribal warriors to double-agents, Sandstorm will appeal to all fans of Wilbur Smith and Andy McNab.