Real Gardening

Real Gardening is written for the enthusiastic gardener keen to master the art of planting. Creating a satisfying and atmospheric garden is complicated, and the mass of incompatible advice now bombarding us weekly, on television screens and in print, only makes things more difficult. Stephen Lacey offers his way of charting a course through this confusion. A companionable voice, with one clear line of thought, taste and judgement founded on twenty years of gardening and visiting gardens around the world, he talks us through, with logical progression, the whole process of transforming a plot into a series of stunning seasonal pictures.

Exciting new approaches to planting have sprung up in recent years. Instead of formal, high-maintenance borders, interest has shifted towards simpler plants and looser, more naturalistic ways of growing them. Lacey shows how to tap into this style and combine it with a strong design and theatrical flourishes to create a garden that is beautiful, action-packed, manageable and contemporary.