Private Prosecution

Four young girls are found strangled and each body bears the signature of a killer who is dubbed ‘the Monster’ by the press. Then a fifth killing occurs which is different from the others.  Detective Chief Superintendent Maurice Kendrick obsessively pursues the murderer and his friend Humphrey Barnes also becomes intensely interested in the case, both men trying to get to the truth via different means.



“Eileen Dewhurst does more than tat a neat, macabre puzzle: she glitteringly embroiders it with psychological insights.”  The Sunday Times
“DCS Kendrick investigates, with patience and comprehension.  And in the course of his inquiry, he – and we – come to know a complex, engaging family.”  Financial Times

“Well-done tensions between the Chief Super pursuing official inquiries and his friend, who thinks he knows better.  Tight plot, tight emotions.”  The Times