Playbook Pirates

This is the perfect novelty package for all pre-school children – it is bright, vibrant, sturdy and will provide hours of play before being stored safely away in its own carry case – making it perfect portable fun for journeys, play-dates and home-time too. Created by a highly-acclaimed paper-engineer, this robust and ingenious package comprises a six pop-up storybook, which then unfolds and transforms into a 3D ocean landscape play-mat with cut-out cardboard pirates, parrots and pop-up ships for total fun on the high seas! Share this bright and colourful pop-up book with your little ones, then unfold it to transform it into a sturdy pirate world 3D play-mat, with stand-up card pirates and animals for added fun on the ocean waves! ‘”Pull up the anchor!” shout the jolly pirates. “Yo-ho-ho and away we go!” they sing, sailing off on a new adventure.’