Only Truth

In an English market town, in 2004, a teenage girl is abducted, imprisoned and murdered; for over a decade her disappearance has remained a mystery.

Now, thirty-six year old artist, Isabel Dryland, living with with the legacy of a brain injury sustained in a brutal attack when she was a teenager of which she has no memory and the assailant was never found, discovers a concealed room at the property she has recently bought with her husband, Tom. The discovery has sinister connotations when she later finds a distinctive hairclip and mysterious numbers scored into floor of the room. As a series of unsettling events take place at the new house and Isabel experiences unexplained episodes of déjà vu, she begins to query her relationship with Tom as well as her fragile security she has constructed over the years.

And unbeknown to Isabel somebody from her past has returned and is in the background watching. Will Isabel be able to remember what happened before it’s too late?