No Other Darkness

DI Marnie Rome knows the dangerous secrets that families can hide. She’s still trying to uncover the truth of what drove her foster brother to murder her parents five years ago, and he’s equally determined to keep her in the dark. But this new case surprises even her.

Surely the corpses of two small boys, buried in a bunker in a London garden, should be claimed by someone – grieved by someone? The skeletons are found by a young family who are fostering an angry fourteen year old boy, Clancy Brand. Marnie can’t help seeing the shadow of her foster brother in Clancy; his fascination with the gruesome discovery in the garden seems unhealthy, to say the least. Terry and Beth, his foster parents, are trying their hardest to help Clancy adjust to family life after years of neglect. Marnie doesn’t know if they’re wasting their time, but she suspects the family is in serious danger.

The discovery of a stash of drugs for the treatment of post-partum psychosis makes her look afresh at the relationships in the house. Nothing, she realises, is what it seems here. Not to mention the mystery of who is leaving gifts for the dead boys. Gifts that lead her back to Stephen, her foster brother.

Is Marnie in danger of letting her own family’s horror blind her? One thing’s certain: when the couple’s birth children go missing, she knows she can’t waste any time finding them.

NO OTHER DARKNESS is a compelling journey to the toxic edge of society, a place where people fall between cracks and go unmissed, perhaps forever. A place where DI Marnie Rome fights to protect those in danger. Twisty, powerful and clever, Sarah Hilary delivers a stunning follow- up to SOMEONE ELSE’S SKIN.



‘Truly mesmerising from its opening page to its thunderous denouement. A Haunting, potent novel from a bleakly sublime new voice.’ – David Mark

‘Complex, polished and utterly gripping’ – Eva Dolan

‘Heart-breaking… I can’t recommend this highly enough’ – SJI Holliday

‘Riveting… An enthralling tale’ – Lisa Gardner

‘Unsettling and completely absorbing.’ – The Sun

‘I would recommend this book to any avid crime and thriller reader, the twists and turns will keep you guessing throughout and the final twist at the end will have many readers in shock – I certainly wasn’t expecting it!…you will be gripped from start to finish’ – W. H. Smith Blog

‘At the centre is a queasily equivocal moral tone that forces the reader into a constant rejigging of their attitude to the characters. And did I mention the plotting? Hilary’s ace in the hole – as it is in the best crime thrillers.’ – Financial Times

‘Last year, Sarah Hilary’s Someone Else’s Skin was acclaimed a superb debut. It was no fluke. No Other Darkness is just as excellent, and DI Marnie Rome is a three-dimensional character of an emotional depth rarely encountered in the world of fictional cops.’ – The Times

‘Both victims and villains abound in Hilary’s searing, intricately plotted police procedural.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘…keeps readers turning the pages and makes consuming the entire book seem effortless.” – BOLO Books’ Top Reads of 2015

Online and Blogger Reviews

‘Read the first book and then this one or read this book and then the first one, whichever way round you like. Then join me in the queue for the third one.’ –

‘Packed with emotion and impossible to put down.’ – Books & Entertainment UK

‘No Other Darkness is outstanding, this is powerful and emotionally intelligent writing that will make you question what you think you know about the motivations behind the crime and the escalating repercussions that follow’ – pamreader.blogspot

‘This is a brilliant crime thriller and there are twists and scares a-plenty. For fans of Someone Else’s Skin you can rest assured that No Other Darkness is of an equally high quality. Sarah Hilary writes dark and engrossing stories – everyone needs to read them.’ –

‘No Other Darkness is the second in the DI Marnie Rome series. I was impressed with the first, Someone Else’s Skin, but this time Sarah Hilary has really excelled herself. Both she and her protagonist have acquired a deeper maturity and confidence. Hilary’s plotting and characterisation are perfect. The quality of her writing is exceptional.’ – One of 19, 5 star ratings on Good Reads.

Heartbreaking and mesmerising. I can’t recommend this highly enough. – sjiholidayblog. wordpress

‘Well-written, well-observed, never simplistic or obvious, this is a strong follow-up from a writer I will certainly keep an eye on.’ –

‘Hilary’s attention to detail is scrupulous, and she is at her absolute best when it comes to marshalling a cast of characters.’ –

‘No other darkness is a work of crime fiction at its finest. A fantastic novel from a fantastic novelist.’ – We Love This Book

‘Unnerving and compelling.’ – The Lady

‘No Other Darkness’ is a truly engrossing read from its chilling opening chapter to the final heart-wrenching pages. The frenetic pace never lets up and Sarah Hilary knows how to tease you with cliffhangers. You’ll be reading this well into the small hours.’ – Crime Squad

‘This is another fabulous new author to add to my ever growing list, and one that I would highly recommend.’ – Best Crime Books and More

Hilary’s plotting is inventive, complex and oh, so very good.’ – A Bookworm’s World

‘With the release of her second novel in the Detective Inspector Marnie Rome mystery series, Hilary is about to confirm that she is the new superstar on the scene.” – BOLO Books Review

‘Rich with psychological insight, edge-of-the-seat plotting and clever criminal detection.’ – Thriller Books Journal

‘There are various difficult topics woven into the narrative, treated sensitively, giving it a very realistic edge. The plot is complex, multi layered and very well written, with the included backgrounds of the characters adding to the overall atmosphere and reading experience without overwhelming the investigation. An engrossing read.’ – Between the Lines