New Britain

‘When we make a promise, we must be sure we can keep it. That is page one, line one of a new contract between government and citizen.’ Tony Blair has nothing to hide. In this unique insight into his values, instincts and priorities he sets out his political vision: If you want to know how he will steer the country with regard to the economy, the minimum wage, Europe, the National Health Service, education, crime you will find it here. If you want to know what he means by ‘socialism’, ‘solidarity’, ‘Christianity’, ‘community’, ‘duty’, ‘equality’ you will be able to read his definitions and his explanation of how those terms have acquired the importance he gives them in his political vocabulary. If you want to know what future he wants to promise his children or which of his political acts most impressed them (twenty-seven consecutive headers with Kevin Keegan at the 1995 Party Conference) you can discover Blair the father here too. More than a declaration of convictions and beliefs, this book is an invitation from the man who now dominates the political scene to know his thinking, to see how it has developed, to understand what plans he has for a revived, reinvigorated Britain – for New Britain. It is an opportunity to take part in the process of change that has swept through British politics since he became Labour leader in 1994. Welcome to Tony Blair’s young country.