Printer’s Error

The imminent publication in a limited edition of a scandalously anti-Semitic book – The Open Bellied Mountain – by the printing house of Saxant and Senss, finds the author of the inflammatory work – Fortinbras Carn – and his closest relatives receiving disturbing threatening letters; threats that soon have to be taken deadly seriously when the author’s wife is killed in mysterious circumstances.

Mrs. Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley is soon drawn into a mystery as bizarre and as baffling as any that she has ever encountered during her long ands illustrious career and, ably assisted by her resolute and energetic nephew Carey, and by the young and enterprising solicitor to the author’s family – Mr. Justus Bassin – she finds herself battling Nazis, nudists and gun-toting motor-cyclists in equal numbers; unmasking the reason behind a sudden craze for wearing false beards; and the origin of several dismembered human body parts, which begin to appear in a variety of increasingly peculiar locations; before eventually arriving at the case’s unexpected and surreal climax.     


“Printer’s Error has all the ingredients of a great Mitchell piece of work…All I can say is that it is a joy to hold a book which would otherwise never be read due to its scarcity. And we should trumpet the return of Mrs. Bradley and pray that she appeals to a new generation of readers and that they will take the old dinosaur to their hearts like the rest of us die-hard fans!” Crime Squad