Death at the Opera

Hillmaston School has chosen The Mikado for their next school performance and, in recognition of her generous offer to finance the production, their meek and self-effacing arithmetic mistress is offered a key role. But when she disappears mid-way through the opening night performance and is later found dead, unconventional psychoanalyst Mrs Bradley is called in to investigate. To her surprise she soon discovers that the hapless teacher had quite a number of enemies – all with a motive for murder…


“If a relaxing diversion is of the essence for a good holiday, a Gladys Mitchell novel is a must.  A crime writer who, in her day, ranked with Christie and Sayers, ‘the great Gladys’, as Philip Larkin dubbed her, used her inside knowledge as a schoolteacher to create a convincing setting for Death At The Opera.” Daily Mail, July 2011