Likeness in Stone

It wasnt real. He decided that almost instantly. It had been left there for a joke, and if he were to touch it, his hands would confirm what his mind knew to be true; that the face was one of those masks people wear to parties at Halloween. It would be plastic, stiff, and unyielding, not flesh, soft and rotting, as his eye would have him believe. When divers discover remains in a house that has long been submerged by a reservoir, the retired detective who first investigated the victims disappearance has his worst suspicions confirmed: Helena Warner, an undergraduate at Somerville College, Oxford, was murdered, and three of her closest friends colluded to protect the identity of her killer. With Bill Driver back on his trail, the killer strikes again, and Driver must try to understand the strange, dark ties that bind Helenas three friends together in silence if he is to prevent further deaths. And he has every intention of making good his promise of twenty years ago: Ill break you. Maybe not today, and maybe not for many years to come, but one day Ill break you… A Likeness in Stone is a gripping crime novel from an author who combines psychological insight with an intricate plot that will keep you guessing to the end.