Icky Sticky Monster

Small children will love joining in with Icky Sticky’s awful antics in this utterly REVOLTING rhyming pop-up book from a best-selling illustrator. It features five hilarious pop-ups, including a toilet lid to lift and a garbage can to empty.

Praise for Icky Sticky Monster

‘”Icky Sticky Monster is being very naughty./ That stinky little monster is hiding in the potty.” Such is readers’ irresistible introduction to a bright blue monster with two horns and a steady stream of green gunk pouring from his nose (children can watch him pull “snotty goo” out of his schnoz on the second spread–it’s intended as a gift for them). Offering goofy, boldly colored cartoons, Lodge delights in the general grossness (the monster’s drink of choice is “stinky, wormy cabbage juice with added chunks of slug”). Her readers will, too.’ Publishers Weekly