Don’t Even Think About It

There are some things you should never even begin to think about: falling in love with a man whose ex-girlfriend is now his best friend and lives opposite him; staying friends with the ex-boyfriend who broke your heart and meeting every new woman he becomes involved with; meddling in your friends’ love lives … Between them, Katie, Sally and Jude do all of these things and they all begin to wish the thoughts had never entered their heads.

Katie’s only just met Michael but she’s already fallen for him. If only he wasn’t living opposite that cow of an ex-girlfriend, things would be perfect.

Sally split up with Michael years ago. He broke her heart, but they’re great friends now. The only problem is his new girlfriend. Sally’s tried to be nice, but Katie obviously hates her. Still, she won’t last, poor thing. They never do.

Jude is Sally’s best friend. Sally might say she’s over Michael, but Jude knows better. Those two were made for each other! Clearly they need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. And Jude is in the perfect position to help.

Warm-hearted, smart and sexy, Don’t Even Think About It is about old flames and new love, friendship and rivalry, good intentions and bad behaviour.