Death and Other Lovers

Meet Mickey Flynn. Hes an American by birth, a Londoner by choice, a photo-journalist by trade. Mickeys sitting pretty, until a fire nearly destroys his home… and the woman he loves. According to his girlfriend, two men, Middle Eastern in appearance, broke into the flat, terrorised her, then made their way into the darkroom – which then exploded. Mickey doesnt doubt that this is a case of premeditated arson. And no wonder. For the past seven years, Flynns camera has relentlessly exposed the corrupt and the unscrupulous. Its a talent that has made him tops in his field, and made him plenty of enemies too – such as Tomas Obregon, a drug kingpin who is as urbane and charming as he is deadly; Peter Loriston, a plitician of dubious morality; and Michael Wylie, a cynical soldier-for-hire. Not to mention Jamil Fahad, a ruthless high-ranking officer in the Palestinian hierarchy. Each man, snapped by Flynn, has good reason to wreak vengeance upon him; and at least one has attempted to kill him before. Trying to uncover the identity of his mysterious antagonist, Flynn finds himself facing constant danger. But this is no ordinary vendetta…


‘Bannister displays finely tuned prose, well-defined, supportable characters, and a practiced knack for suspense.’

Library Journal