Castles Made of Sand

Ax Preston, Sage Pender and Fiorinda, charismatic leaders of the Rock and Roll Reich, have beaten the cascade of disasters that followed the collapse of the United Kingdom. In this, the second part of the BOLD AS LOVE trilogy, they have to find some resolution to the impossible dynamics of their own relationship, while the world keeps getting stranger, and the future of Crisis Europe looks more and more ominous.

There are fearsome things going on in England’s rural hinterland, the green nazis are planning a final solution to desperate environmental damage, and Sage is getting more and more involved in the ZenSelf quest for ultimate consciousness, the fusion between mind and world. It’s tricky when the temptations of power and the complexities of love are so closely woven, but there’s nothing the Triumverate can’t handle … until Fiorinda’s father, secret master of magic both old and totally new, reaches out to reclaim his magical child, the flower-bride.

And that’s when darkness falls over Ax’s England.

“Her first novel was excellent. This one’s better!” – Guardian