Pugwash Aloft


This title was the second of the original Pugwash series.  It was published by The Bodley Head as a full colour and two colour illustrated picture book in 1958 and reprinted in 1993.  It will be republished by Frances Lincoln in November 2007.


Welcome aboard the Black Pig for another exciting adventure with Captain Pugwash and his loyal crew. As they strike up the music for singing practice, Cut-throat Jake and his band of rebels lurk dangerously nearby. Then disaster strikes! Jake and his men board the Black Pig, capture the crew and send Captain Pugwash scuttling up the nearest mast for safety. How will he ever get out of this one?


Fortunately Tom, the cabin boy, has a clever plan and the crew of the Black Pig can finish their singing practice after all – with a rousing victory song.