Book of the Dead

Augustus Maltravers, Robert Richardsons stylish amateur detective, finds himself stranded in remote Cumbrian moorland. Seeking shelter in the Gothic splendour of Carwelton Hall, he meets the Carringtons, Charles and his beautiful, much younger wife Jennifer. Later, a guest at the hall, Gus senses that the civilised veneer of the select gathering hides some very strong emotions indeed; hatred is in the air…and fear. Then Carrington reveals an extraordinary secret: he owns an unpublished Sherlock Holmes story. Maltraverss excitement at this revelation is short-lived. A shocking murder takes place and Carwelton Halls most valuable possession disappears. The police believe they have their killer, but Maltravers isnt so sure and does some investigating of his own – with the help of a 100-year-old manuscript. THE BOOK OF THE DEAD marks the third appearance for Augustus Maltravers, one of the most attractive amateur detectives in the business. Witty and ingenious, but with a chilling undercurrent of horror – a classic mystery from this very talented British author.