Big Fibs, Little Fibs

“It seems to me,” Nana said, ” that a little fib for a grown-up is a big fib for a little girl; like your mummys shoes are if you try them on. You can walk in them cant you, your mummys shoes? But they dont look right and you couldnt get very far.” Alices answer to any adversity is to hold her head up, radiate the beauty of her smile and let the world believe that darlings, she doesnt give a damn. With her husband in hospital and eight-year old Dorothy to support, Alice has had to find increasingly creative ways of making ends meet. Dorothys way of coping with her mothers schemes is to create an alter-ego: Daisy. Where Dorothy wouldnt know what to do on their shop-lifting expeditions, Daisy can even help. But even Daisy doesnt quite understand her mothers flexible definition of right and wrong… A funny and poignant debut novel about growing up in the sixties, BIG FIBS LITTLE FIBS was the winner of the Mail on Sunday novel competition.