Best Served Cold – eShort story

When Tara farewells her older sister, Cassy, on a trip to New Zealand, she waves goodbye as Cassy calls out, ‘See you in September.’ But it’s many years before Tara and her parents see or even hear from Cassy again. And with her sister’s disappearance, Tara’s happy family falls apart.

 Working as a waitress in a strip club has its benefits. It’s the people you meet. Like the drunken, red-faced fiancé of Tara’s old French teacher, Adele Roberts, a bully who relished humiliating the class misfit, a boy called Rex Jones. Tonight Tara can finally see how to avenge him.

 As she hunches over her laptop, her index finger hovering over ‘send’, Tara remembers everything that has led her to this moment.

 Includes a preview of Charity Norman’s highly anticipated novel, See You in September!

‘Will appeal to devotees of Joanna Trollope and Jodi Picoult.’ Daily Mail

‘Norman writes with razor sharp perception and deep compassion.’ the hoopla