Walks in five of Europe’s most unlikely landscapes for lovers of travel, nature, walking and adventure writing

A walk into 5 places that shouldn’t really be there; a plateau of Arctic tundra stranded in the east of Scotland; a fragment of the Sahara in Spain; untouched primeval jungle in Poland; vast steppe grasslands in Hungary; hostile badlands at the extremity of Italy. The existence of these places challenges our perception of Europe as a safe and civilized place from which outlandishness has been banished. They make the continent larger, stranger, and infinitely more thrilling.  Each offers tantalising glimpses past human history into deep time, from the ancient origins of our continent to its possible future.  Blending travel writing, nature writing, history and random encounter – the combination of ‘learning, entertainment, description, scientific fact and conjectural fiction’ that Jan Morris praised in Where the Wild Winds Are – Hunt is preparing himself for immersion in uncanny and possibly dangerous terrains.