W. J. Corbett

W J Corbett joined the Merchant Navy as a galley-boy when he was sixteen, and saw the world. Later, during National Service, he became an Army Physical Training Instructor.

Having been an avid reader from the age of five, he decided to write a book. He borrowed a typewriter and while learning to type wrote The Song Of Pentecost which went on to win the Whitbread Award and become an international bestseller. Pentecost And The Chosen One and Pentecost Of Lickey Top completed the trilogy.

W J Corbett had the ability to weave themes of friendship and betrayal, faith and apathy, free choice and destiny into an immensely readable narrative of action and suspense. He also had a rare sense of comedy which made his writing even more original. His Ark Of The People sequence has been described as “a cross between Watership Down and Battlestar Galactica“.

W J Corbett passed away in February 2003. He wrote two more titles before he died, The Last Chance Zoo and its sequel, Return To The Last Chance Zoo which were both published in 2003.